Security poetry

This is awfully silly of me, but I’ve been noticing the Blogger security code words are coming out as almost-language lately, so I’ve been collecting them, and writing them into password poems (bear with me – I’m all about escape at the moment!).

Norinic Klege

Misms, bionobte.
Poogisp percut stind ismst,


Bitur, magulthr flati
Gedgerl (foitidi)
(Tieratt) recodm.


Chedge criestme orstsper!
Foref, myrac, munmanc,
Hanim equin padwo?
Corses aingee…

Freaky update: Just visited the Cicada Studio blog, where Michelle states her requirement for hugs, and the word verification was… “hugge”! I swear, I suffered severe solipsism (and an awful alliteration addiction) as a child, but this may just be proof that I was right all along!

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  1. hehehe… I can feel the difference in emotion between the two.

    funny post and cool blog 🙂

    word veri: cholizes (makes me think of gum or lozenges)

  2. Are you feeling okay there Skinny? Ha ha, mine have been alluding to quite dirty words lately. Gutter brain me? word veri: aphan Okay fine, nothing dirty there…
    Wait, it didn’t work so I got a new one! hetiol: Afrikaans slang for person with a small bum.

  3. hahah so funny! those words always make me giggle. i hate it when you can’t read them though.

    (biliesti by the way)

  4. i’ve been noticing them and writing them down too!! they had to have changed the algorithm that generates them. i’m working on a posting giving them all definitions. 🙂

    love your poems of them, that’s great!

  5. This is SO weird because yesterday the work veri for the post I wrote here was something so cool – it seemed like a real word… a positive word. And because it was made up, I’ve of course, forgotten. But I almost mentioned it to you!

    I like hugge.


  6. Mine have definitely been more word-like, too! I actually got a real word the other day, but of course, I have no recollection of what it was.

    I’m glad I happened upon your blog, as I’ve admired your fabrics from afar for quite some time now!

    Flurv: a type of show shower that is not quite a flurry, just some random flakes here and there. Flurv.

  7. thanks a bunch. i usually get irritated with the verification thingy but now i will have fun with it thanks to you 🙂

    I usually think they are testing me and my eyesight. guess what the verification thing is for this repsonse. Sested…. hahhahaha very funny me thinks

  8. Neat:) Solipsism… ha…. I totally see how that could bring me deeper into the crazy:)
    I love reading nonsensical stuff. It’s like reading car plates in traffic.

  9. That’s brilliant!!! I love it! The word I see right now is boteree. Sounds like someone who’s cute, but being somewhat obnoxious… Like, “You are so boteree today, leave me alone”.

  10. You´re so right! I also thought about these almost words.

    Loved your poems. You may add this new word: bleolute.

  11. you know, i’d been noticing the same thing. loved this post 🙂

    word veri for this post: dersp

  12. i’ve been noticing they seem more ‘real’ lately too! in a similar vein, i’ve been collecting the subject line from amusing spam emails (usually alluding to something filthy) with the intention of doing something with them.


  13. i’ve been noticing they seem more ‘real’ lately too! in a similar vein, i’ve been collecting the subject line from amusing spam emails (usually alluding to something filthy) with the intention of doing something with them.


  14. well, now i definitely need to save this post because now i’ve added more stuff to my to do list. this time? i wanna do something artsy/crafty with these word verifications too! sometimes i get some pretty cool ones. other times…. wth?

    regia – sounds like a good word for the holidays.

  15. You’re a genius! Those capchets or whatever they’re called are so bizarre- definitely in the e.e. cummings category.

  16. Just had to share- just got the word “poostr”. This kind of word brings giggles to kids and child-men such as my husband.


  17. GREAT!
    Your poems sound very Lewis Carroll, straight out of Alice in WOnderland or something.

  18. mindblowing!

    you are so clever… one has to read them out loud for the best effect.

  19. well…i have a problem with wanting to collect stuff…’s called hoarding, anyway, i once wanted to collect these words too!

    But how funny is this, my word verification is “Bless” !!
    so bless us ^_^

  20. Excellent! I propose we (like redframe) leave translations if the next captcha we come across happens to be in another language.

    From Lizzy’s blog: folie (madness, in French)

    From yours, today: ratingin (rating? in what?) I’ll be by with more.

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