We felt so bad about leaving our online fans out in the cold with our Clearing The Decks sale last week, so now we’ve moved the sale into our online shops. Hooray!


From 12- 18  June, there will be 50% off selected fabrics in our online shops.

International Shoppers: visit our ETSY shop
South African shoppers: visit our local ONLINE shop to view the fabrics available, and then email astrid@skinnylaminx.com with your order.
Happy shopping!
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    • Thanks for your interest, Theliza. Our fabrics are heavierweight than what is usually used for duvet covers, as they are for general and upholstery use. If you’d like to see a sample, please either pop into our shop at 201 Bree Street, Cape Town, or email Astrid@skinnylaminx.com, who can help you.

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