Look! A lookbook

I spent most of August styling & snapping the shots, and with the help of my one-time ELLE Decoration colleague – the fab Charl Edwards – we put together a mini magazine, showing how versatile Skinny laMinx fabrics & products can be, using them to create lots of different looks and moods. I’m going to be posting about all the different moods we created over the next little while, but for now, why not dive right in there yourself? Click here to flip through the Lookbook. PS: While we were at it, Charl & I also put together a brand new Products Catalogue,… Continue reading

Cute critters

Every weekend, when I do a whip around the flat with the duster and hoover, there are certain bits I enjoy cleaning more than others. These three little animals I bought at the African Toyshop in Joburg a few years back are inevitably a place to pause while dusting. Actually, there are little animal clusters all over the house. Some are fairly fancy and collectable, and others are finer examples of the kind of moulded, painted plastic toys made for kids. Here are a couple more favourites: The rest of the beasties in this post are critters-in-waiting that really ought… Continue reading


What are you reading?

In 2010, Paul and I spent 7 weeks in NYC, and ever since, we’ve had a subscription to New York magazine. It’s such a great read, and is brilliant for keeping a person up-to-date on what’s up in fashion, theatre, movies, books, food, etc. The only thing is, a new issue arrives every. single. week. It’s relentless, and it tends to gobble up the space I usually make to read books. For the last month, there’s been some kind of strike at the main post office hubs, and our New York magazines have simply not arrived. I miss them, of… Continue reading


Monkey & Ellie

I had a lucky day at Milnerton Market on Sunday, snagging this little teak monkey who cleaned up beautifully (he was HORRIBLY dressed in red and black lederhosen with fur on his head!), and the dear little ebony elephant too. PS: I’ve struck on the brilliant idea of selling some select vintage goods in my shop on Bree St, in amongst my other things, which means I need to spend a LOT more time at Milnerton Market. Hooray!


Emma’s Box Ottoman

This Before/After project was featured on Design*Sponge last week (thanks, Kate & Grace!), and here’s a bit more detail: On the landing at the top of the stairs of my childhood home lived a padded wooden trunk, known as the ‘box ottoman’, covered in a crochet blanket, and smelling of mothballs. Under the crochet, the floral fabric covering was tattered through age and wear, but despite being unprepossessing and ragged, the box ottoman is a treasured family heirloom. It belonged to my mother’s Grandmother, Emma Collett, who was one of 12 children from a farming family just near the town of Cradock, in the… Continue reading


Snap happy

Some of you might know that I have some beautiful vintage Danish furniture for sale in my shop at 201 Bree St. It comes from a treasure trove down at the other end of Bree called Space for Life, where I spent some time yesterday afternoon. Unsurprisingly, I went completely snap-happy, mostly as a defense against my overwhelming urge to simply buy every last stick of vintage Danish loveliness to take home with me. Visit them and you’ll see what I mean.  


At the Market

I went to Milnerton Market on Sunday, supposedly to buy plants, but it just so happened to be particularly good pickings this weekend, and, having just read David Southwood’s Milnerton Market book, I couldn’t possibly make it a simple in-out operation. So lots of treasure hunting was done, and lots of pics were snapped on my phone: Lots more pics to be seen on my Pattern Everywhere album on Facebook, and find out more about the Milnerton Market book here.