• Skinny Doughssant

    A Skinny Doughssant?

    F I R S T L Y. . . do you know about the unholy union of croissant X doughnut, known as a Doughssant? It’s the terrifyingly decadent brainchild of our friends & neighbours, Jason Bakery, whose weekly inventiveness (there’s a new doughssant EVERY SATURDAY!) results in winding queues down Bree Street, as salivating Capetonians queue …

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  • jackfloris x skinny

    Friends & Neighbours: Jack Floris

    Our shop manager Janine Loynes has another string to her bow: her own fashion label called Jack Floris. While she’s been on maternity leave, Janine decided to merge her joint passion for Jack Floris and Skinny laMinx into an adorable range of cycling caps, modelled here by her bike-mad husband Paul (aka the artist Senyol). …

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  • TMH Passivhaus Herds CU

    Herds in the wild

    Not long ago, I met afan in our shop, and she told me about her daughter’s home in Stockport, where they’ve used our Herds fabric in the kids’ room. The curtains look fabulous… and so does the rest of this beautiful (and super-useful eco-friendly) home. Find a Herds pillow here, fabric by the metre here, and …

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  • AD Spain

    In Barcelona

    My heart actually jumped when I saw this pic on the AD Spain instagram feed (my most revered magazine of them all), because that gorgeous Knoll chair is covered in our Aperture print! All this marvelousness is via the showroom of El Recibidor, in Barcelona.  Si, si, si!

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  • Nanook

    Goodbye Nanook

    “People may surprise you with unexpected kindness. Dogs have a depth of loyalty that often we seem unworthy of. But the love of a cat is a blessing, a privilege in this world.” – Kinky Friedman

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  • ecoladrillo

    How to make EcoBricks

    The drought and hardcore water restrictions have made me super thrifty about everything. I’ve been recycling for years, but it’s only when I found out about EcoBricks (thanks to kind readers responding to this post) that my eyes really opened to how much waste I generate. Ecobricks are plastic bottles stuffed with non-recyclables, turned into …

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  • Rose

    Colour Yum: Flowers

    I met friends at Chart Farm last weekend, and when my photo of a rose turned out looking so oddly colourized, 50’s style (no filters, just the light), I took some of my other flower pics and dipped them in a saturated colour rinse-out, just for fun. Sometimes mixing things up is a good way …

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  • Libermanns Pottery

    Out & About: A visit to Liebermann’s

    While I might have been a semi-conscious human for much of the 70’s, I seem to have managed to absorb that era pretty deeply into my being. I mean, I do macrame, pottery, and I’m learning to weave, too, ffs!  This probably explains why I was happy to spend a solid hour of my Tuesday …

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  • Nanook


    If all had gone to plan, my bloke and I would be in Mozambique now, but our big old 17-year-old brown bear Nanook has become quite ill, and so instead we are having a quiet time at home. It would have been delicious to have a palm tree and warm sea holiday, but it’s perhaps …

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