• ecoladrillo

    How to make EcoBricks

    The drought and hardcore water restrictions have made me super thrifty about everything. I’ve been recycling for years, but it’s only when I found out about EcoBricks (thanks to kind readers responding to this post) that my eyes really opened to how much waste I generate. Ecobricks are plastic bottles stuffed with non-recyclables, turned into …

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  • Rose

    Colour Yum: Flowers

    I met friends at Chart Farm last weekend, and when my photo of a rose turned out looking so oddly colourized, 50’s style (no filters, just the light), I took some of my other flower pics and dipped them in a saturated colour rinse-out, just for fun. Sometimes mixing things up is a good way …

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  • Libermanns Pottery

    Out & About: A visit to Liebermann’s

    While I might have been a semi-conscious human for much of the 70’s, I seem to have managed to absorb that era pretty deeply into my being. I mean, I do macrame, pottery, and I’m learning to weave, too, ffs!  This probably explains why I was happy to spend a solid hour of my Tuesday …

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  • Nanook


    If all had gone to plan, my bloke and I would be in Mozambique now, but our big old 17-year-old brown bear Nanook has become quite ill, and so instead we are having a quiet time at home. It would have been delicious to have a palm tree and warm sea holiday, but it’s perhaps …

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  • airport ovals duo

    Airport corridors

    I missed a flight back from Joburg last night, which ended me up in overnight Purgatory (aka the TravelLodge), atoning for the sins of the Gautrain ticket machines, but which did afford me the opportunity of admiring the airport corridor windows with the 5:30am sunrise on the other side. The ovals reminded me of my …

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  • X Shop View

    The Best of Bree Street

    We’ve extended our shopping hours during the Summer season, so you can visit the Skinny laMinx store at 201 Bree Street til 6pm on weekdays, and 3pm on Saturdays. While you’re on Bree St, make a day of it, and visit some of our friends and neighbours on this top-drawer Cape Town shopping destination street. Here are some …

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  • IMG

    Down the garden path in Porto

    For four days, we glimpsed our new life in Porto tucked away in garden apartment…

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  • grilles

    “Ferro forjado” is wrought iron in Portuguese

    Something that really caught my eye while in Portugal was the amazingly expressive and varied ferro forjado (portuguese for wrought iron, y’know) on doors, windows and balconies

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  • Paris launch

    Roof Garden launch… in Paris!

    I’ve just got back from my hop to Europe, so here’s a quick catchup on what I got up to on the two crazy days that I spent launching our new fabric collection in Paris.

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