• halo all upside down

    Making Friday with GIH Studio

    This post is a bit of a mashup of our Friends & Neighbours and Making Friday features, because it’s a story about a South African designer who credits his start as a furniture designer to my Making Fridays idea. I met Gareth Henderson of GIH Studio on a glaringly hot rooftop in Cape Town earlier this year, as …

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  • Vorster&braye Entrance

    Friends & Neighbours – Vorster & Braye

    What do you get when an accountant and an engineer start making ceramics? You end up with an incredibly well-organised ceramics design and production studio called Vorster & Braye. I happened to stumble upon Vorster & Braye walking back to my studio last year an noticing a stairway at 96 Long Street. At the top, …

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  • Delecamedia Com Lm Copy

    Starring in Sarah Graham’s Food Safari

    Well, ‘starring’ might be overstating the case, but Skinny laMinx certainly has played a supporting role in the latest season of Sarah Graham’s Food Safari – the cooking show that explores some of Africa’s most interesting and exciting food through the eyes of food writer and cook, Sarah Graham. This week is the last episode in the …

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  • Week Autour Du Monde

    Find us at Bensimon Autour du Monde

    We’re très, très thrilled to bits to see Skinny laMinx cushions in the Bensimon Autour du Monde concept stores in Paris this month!

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  • House Of Grace

    Friends & Neighbours: House of Grace

    We caught up with Jade Paton of House of Grace Design after our in-studio macrame workshop to find out more about her knotty talents.

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  • Home Balcony

    Living with plants

    I’m focussing on plants instead of politics.

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  • Airbnb

    Astrid’s AirBnB empire

    Take a tour of Astrid von Brucken’s stylish clutch of AirBnB apartments in Cape Town (full of Skinny laMinx, of course)!

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  • Greenery

    ‘Greenery’ are the hills of Natal

    Our holiday in KwaZulu Natal was a feast of lush green hues.

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  • Reflection

    Skinnylaminxenstein: on REFLECTION

    A great place to start a new year is by reflection on what’s gone before. Here’s our 2016 year in review:

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