Soft bucket – Brancusi Stripe


A Soft Bucket can do all kinds of things, like keep plants cosy, desks tidy and bread rolls warm. It’s a minor miracle!

Please note: Soft Buckets are not waterproof, so we advise you to remove the plant from the Soft Bucket before watering, and to have a saucer under the pot.


How we make it: Designs are screenprinted on natural fibre fabrics, using waterbased inks, then cut and stitched in the studio above our shop, using top-quality materials and standards. Designed and made in South Africa.

Care: Cold wash with mild detergent and line dry. Sunlight may cause fading.

Weight 80 g

Medium 22×28cm / 9"×11", Small 17×23cm / 7"×9"


Inkspot, Spruce

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