Skinny laMinx started in 2008 when self-taught illustrator Heather Moore could no longer contain her enthusiasm for pattern. She started making papercuts and screenprinting patterns on fabric, and soon enough, people around the world were snapping up her work. 

By 2012, the business had grown so much that we opened a shop in central Cape Town, at 201 Bree Street.

Heather still makes all our designs, and as she goes about her life and travels, she uses social media to share images and thoughts about her design inspiration and process. Follow her on Instagram.



Skinny laMinx goods are made in South Africa, because that’s where we live. All our fabrics are screenprinted at a workshop 20 minutes away, and then a team of superstar seamstresses in the studio upstairs from our shop makes them up into products. 

Next time you’re in Cape Town, visit us at our chic little store where you’ll find the Skinny laMinx team designing, cutting, sewing & packaging our goods, ready to be wrapped in tissue and twine to send off proudly to stores & homes all around the world.

We choose to use waterbased inks and natural fibre fabrics, and we make sure our prints, stitches and zips are of top quality, because we believe that beautiful things should be made to last.

After all, we hope Skinny laMinx becomes part of the fabric of your life.