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Welcome to our Making Friday page!

Every Friday since 2008, Heather Moore, the founder & creative director of Skinny laMinx has been in her studio practicing curiosity through her weekly creative practice that she calls Making Friday.

If you’d like to know why she thinks studio time is better than root canal, and more of her thoughts about how to get a creative practice going:

How Pattern Works

Join Heather on the How Pattern Works online course, where you’ll learn all about how pattern is created, using tiles from Lisbon as your tool kit.

Free Downloads Cover

A selection of colouring pages you can download for free!

Made By Heather cover image

Once off, handmade, straight from Heather’s studio.

When you feel curious, you feel more alive and happier. It’s a feeling though, not a thought. You can’t force yourself to be curious. You have to slow down and feel your way there.
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