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How Pattern Works: Online Course


Join Heather on the How Pattern Works online course, where you’ll learn all about how pattern is created, using tiles from Lisbon as your tool kit.

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The course is set up into four learning blocks:

INTRODUCTION – Why pattern makes us feel good
Find out why Lisbon tiles are a great way to start learning how pattern works, & why pattern seems to make us feel good.

STEP 1 – Make your own tiles
To get hands-on experience with tiled patterns, you’ll need some tile cards to play with. Download printable tile cards, and watch the video for four ways to make them yourself.

STEP 2 – Let’s make patterns!
Once you’ve made your tiles, you can put them to use. Watch the video to discover tile layouts that will help you make endless patterns, then use the workbook challenges to explore pattern layouts with your tile cards.

STEP 3 – Allover Patterns
Learn to design a single tile element that combines to make a larger allover pattern.

STEP 4 – Patterns in your life
Get inspired to keep exploring and expanding your knowledge of tiled patterns, using additional Lisbon tiles.


Reviews 3
  1. Joan Moore

    I really enjoyed trying to make my own patterns but found that it was a bit trickier than I thought! Heather makes it look so easy and her hand is so steady! I found it difficult to swivel or invert the pattern, so resorted to turning my piece of paper around and doing the pattern in the next block. I am about to print another page of blocky squares and start again… I thought of some new patterns during the night!

  2. Lillemor Hjälmefjord


  3. Patrik

    Hi! Is this online course designed to be at our own pace, or are there set times/ dates to log on to do it? Thx. P

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