It’s hard to believe, but last week I was blissfully paddling about in a pool of time that let me do things like… I dunno… arrange my tea towels in rainbow colours for an hour or so.

Ah, how things have changed since then. The time pool is now a raging maelstrom, swirling with dangerous deadlines and sudden emergencies. Lots more next week about all the exciting things.

Happy weekend, everyone. I’ll be at the Biscuit Mill Market on Saturday, so see you there.

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  1. Oh my… so perrrrrrty! Love these little rainbow display!
    … and right with you there in the whirlpool of ‘no time and forest of deadlines’.

  2. recently colour coordinated my entire bookshelf in my bedroom. immensely satisfying, and it actually looks a lot neater aesthetically. your dishtowels look fab!

  3. Oh and I have a confession to make – we’ve gone and eaten your Christmas present. So now I’ll have to think of a new excuse for coming to visit, or B will have to do some more baking šŸ™‚

  4. Skinny Laminx, your stuff is very cool. My sister has been talking about your stuff for ages, but I admit I am hooked too. Great stuff. I’m living in very grey and cold Canada at the moment, so I have been enjoying your sunshine!

  5. Now I have to go out and find some display racks so I can organize my tea towels in rainbow colors! It looks fab!

  6. I haven’t been blogging much – because I’ve been playing stupid games on the computer (so addictive) and reading and cooking and loving hanging out with my bf. However, I wanted to see what was going on with some blogs – like yours – this shot is beautiful Heather! Love it. Wish it was a print – for my kitchen. You should do that:)

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