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    Holiday hours: CLOSED: 25, 26, 27 December CLOSED: 1 & 2 January OPEN: Weekdays from 10am – 5pm, Saturdays from 10am – 2pm

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  • Teatowel Spoons Shell

    Colour: Shell and Sage

    The colours in this gorgeous kitchen (Styled by Saša Antic for Alcro) could not be a better match for our Borrowed Spoons tea towels, in shell and sage.

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  • Week Heath Seasonal

    Heath Ceramics seasonal collection

    This summer, I came to appreciate the refreshing bitterness and gorgeous colour of a Negroni cocktail, which is why I think Heath Ceramics’ fresh-pressed palette for their Summer collection makes perfect sense. Love the new glaze names too: Orange Glow, Cayenne, Tangerine, and Sunrise, and love that there’s lots of Skinny laMinx in the seasonal mix too. In the …

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  • Beach Bag

    In the shop: Beach Bucket

    We had a bright idea and scaled up our super-useful soft bucket design and added handles, to create the most enormous Beach Bucket you ever did see! Just as with our popular soft buckets, the edges fold down to create some rigidity, which means it’s easy to plonk down on the beach, roll down the sides, and …

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  • Week Then Now

    Then and now

    It’s four years today since we turned an old scooter repair shop on a near-empty Bree Street into the bustling emporium on the buzziest street that we have today. What a lot of change in four years! Happy Birthday to us! Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way – our stockists, fans, shoppers, …

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  • Week Gifting Ideas

    Gift ideas for minimalists

    Shop in ZAR Shop in USD

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  • High drama on the studio rooftop

    It was Guy Fawkes Day last week, and Diwali this week, and we’ve been having a gentle fireworks show of our own on the Skinny laMinx rooftop.

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  • Gift Guide Gif

    ‘Tis the season…

    ‘Tis the season to jolly well start your Christmas shopping, and we are here to jolly well help you! We’ve put together nifty ‘gift sets’ that make shopping easier AND give you a 20% discount on your purchase. The Gift Sets are limited, so jolly well visit our online Gift Guide! Shop in ZAR Shop in USD

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  • Twofer Newsletter

    TWOFOR Sale!

    I hope you’re ready to shop up a storm at our Two-For-The-Price-Of-One TWOFOR sale, starting on Thursday 3 September at the Skinny laMinx shop at 201 Bree St. Sale starts at 4pm (we’ll be open til 8pm on Thursday), and runs until 2pm on Saturday 5 Sept. Along with the Two-for-One offer, there’ll also be …

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