• CASAPLATA Restaurant Cocktail Bar in Seville by Lucas y Hernandez Gil Yellowtrace

    What goes with grey?

    I never think of grey as a pastel shade, but when I saw the interior of Casaplata restaurant and cocktail bar in Sevilla, my views on greys, and on pastels in general, did a big back flip. These dusty, silvery tones are so subtle and gentle, without a hint of sweetness. The soft tones are …

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  • how pattern works

    Workshop: How Pattern Works

    I’m super excited to announce that all through June, I’ll be teaching a four-part hands-on course in print & pattern called HOW PATTERN WORKS. Classes will be held over four weeks in the Skinny laMinx fabric studio at 201 Bree Street, from 6pm – 9pm on a Monday (update: Mondays are sold out) or a …

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  • Table Cloth

    New in the shop: Large Pincushion

    Adding the Large Pincushion textile print to our Pincushion range has been such a good idea! The classic design has been screenprinted on a cotton weave measuring 170cm / 70″ wide, which makes it a brilliant choice for blinds and curtains. The extra wide fabric also makes it perfect for tablecloths, which we’ve made up …

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  • Original papercut

    History lesson: Pincushion Protea

    The Pincushion Protea design has been around for a while, having quite a time of it ever since it started out as a simple papercut in my (now demolished) studio on Buitengraght Street one day way back in 2008. I started selling the cutout as a vinyl sticker, Tammy Frazer used it on one of …

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  • options

    News from the Pillow Lab: What’s your style?

    You know, it was only really when we set up the Pillow Lab and started doing our experiments with mixing & matching pattern and palette that I truly began appreciating the COUNTLESS ways that a bunch of pillows can be arranged. And because everyone’s definition of what constitutes ‘fabulous’ is different, couldĀ the same set of …

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  • Pillow Lab logo

    Introducing The Pillow Lab

    Have you been to The Pillow Lab? It’s the Skinny laMinx research facility, dedicated to solving urgent questions around the issue of mixing and matching pillows to perfection. It’s important, groundbreaking work, doing fascinating research. Read on for more about what we do in the Lab: The Lab’s research tools consist of close observation of …

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  • BB Process dyeing

    Making Friday: Batik in Swaziland

    My role on April’s trip to Swaziland with Ace Camps was to teach the group of travellers about pattern, and to give them an intro to the principles behind designing for batik. They came up with some really, really nice designs (see below), which set us all up nicely for the three subsequent days we …

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  • Colour Pop graphic

    Launching Pops of pure Skinny laMinx colour!

    Usually we launch a new pattern at this time of year, but we’re breaking that habit because we’ve noticed something: our customers can get overwhelmed by all the choices of pattern at Skinny laMinx. We have more than 70 options to choose from! So, instead of a new PATTERN, we’re highlighting the other thing that’s …

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  • Albers

    Interaction of Colour: New Complete Edition

    I got an Amazon email the other day letting me now that Josef Albers Interaction of Colour has been released in a new, complete edition. Two volumes, hardbound, published by Yale University Press. Deliciousness! First issued in 1963 as a limited-edition set of 150 silkscreened colour plates, Interaction of Colour has been one of the …

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