• Albers

    Interaction of Colour: New Complete Edition

    I got an Amazon email the other day letting me now that Josef Albers Interaction of Colour has been released in a new, complete edition. Two volumes, hardbound, published by Yale University Press. Deliciousness! First issued in 1963 as a limited-edition set of 150 silkscreened colour plates, Interaction of Colour has been one of the …

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    Cut Out Indecision Competition

    Did you know that there are over 70 fabric choices in the Skinny laMinx shop? It’s a LOT to choose from, which can be a bit mind boggling when you’re trying to decide which fabric to choose for an upholstery project. I’ve invented a super-low-tech upholstery tool to help you make a decision. Just hold one …

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  • Making Friday DWS

    Making Friday: Decorating with Scissors

    Ever done any decorating with scissors? It doesn’t involve moving furniture, painting walls or heavy lifting of any kind at all. All it needs is a magazine image that you like, some coloured paper, glue and scissors, and there you have it! It’s all just about looking in a noticing kind of way at what …

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  • AD Spain

    In Barcelona

    My heart actually jumped when I saw this pic on the AD Spain instagram feed (my most revered magazine of them all), because that gorgeous Knoll chair is covered in our Aperture print! All this marvelousness is via the showroom of El Recibidor, in Barcelona.  Si, si, si!

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  • Roof Garden Mumbai WEB

    Adding Mumbai

    When we launched the Roof Garden design in three colourways last year, we named them after imaginary rooftop gardens across the world, in Cairo, Rio and Miami. Well, we decided to spice things up a bit, so we’ve added another colourway, this time named for an imaginary roof garden in… Mumbai!  Find three sizes of …

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  • Skinny laMinx Headboards Diamond Fog

    We have headboards

    Our plan for 2018 is to make Skinny laMinx the most helpful place you’ve ever been. So, not only do we have loads of fabric choices, we’ll also help you complete the home decoration project that you’ve been hatching. First, it was lampshades made to order, then we introduced chairs in your choice of fabric, …

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  • Cave home via nowness

    Noticing arches

    One of the best ways for me to notice what I’ve been noticing is the Collections feature on Instagram. Once I start getting a sense that something has been catching my eye, I make a folder and start adding things, and then (of course) I start seeing more and more of that thing. It’s a …

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  • Skinny laMinx Herds

    History lesson

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard from a few people who’ve spotted a textile design that’s near-identical to my Herds design in concept, layout and colourway. I’ve been in touch with the designer – also South African – who refuses to acknowledge the uncanny similarity in concept, layout and choice of colour, and …

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  • Vinaigrette

    Cook Better workshop

    Find out all about this weekend’s Vinaigrette workshop.

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