• week colour yum

    Making Friday: Paint swatch collages

    I really like to make paint sample card collages and my studio walls are covered with them. I think it’s because the cutting and assembling shapes and proportions causes me to see new ways colours work together and relate to one another. Also, cutting and glueing is super-relaxing work.  

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  • tapestry

    Making Friday: Getting stitchy

    Isn’t it the best when you’ve got a smallish project that you can pick up at any minute and make progress on? The reason for all the stitching I’ve been doing lately is that I’ve been plotting out a couple of new workshops with Bridget Henderson of Cowgirlblues for later this year, so if  this is your kind …

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  • lily stockman

    Making Friday: snakes alive!

    Today’s Making Friday news may give you a baffling glimpse into my psyche, but it’s pretty good for a giggle anyway, so here goes: It starts with me arriving at the Think Tank and, as usual, not quite knowing what I want to do, but knowing that the important part is to just make something. I’d been swooning over the …

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  • How much fabric single chair

    How much fabric do you need?

    Super-useful charts to help with deciding how much fabric to order.

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  • Mending

    Wabi Sabi … or ‘mending’, as your Granny called it

    A brief tale about feeling smug about mending holes in a cherished jumper.

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  • how pattern works

    Workshop: How Pattern Works

    I’m super excited to announce that all through June, I’ll be teaching a four-part hands-on course in print & pattern called HOW PATTERN WORKS. Classes will be held over four weeks in the Skinny laMinx fabric studio at 201 Bree Street, from 6pm – 9pm on a Monday (update: Mondays are sold out) or a …

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  • BB Process dyeing

    Making Friday: Batik in Swaziland

    My role on April’s trip to Swaziland with Ace Camps was to teach the group of travellers about pattern, and to give them an intro to the principles behind designing for batik. They came up with some really, really nice designs (see below), which set us all up nicely for the three subsequent days we …

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  • Weaving experiments

    Making Friday: Proceeding with weaving

    As you can see by these ratty attempts laid out like a barn cat’s trophies, I’ve been fiddling around with weaving on little looms at home for a while now. I’ve learned a bit on my own, but after visiting the Cape Guild of Weavers’ show a couple of weeks ago, I realised it was …

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  • Making Friday DWS

    Making Friday: Decorating with Scissors

    Ever done any decorating with scissors? It doesn’t involve moving furniture, painting walls or heavy lifting of any kind at all. All it needs is a magazine image that you like, some coloured paper, glue and scissors, and there you have it! It’s all just about looking in a noticing kind of way at what …

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