Jesse mug
I was lucky enough to get one of Jesse‘s gorgeous mugs recently, and now it’s my first choice for the endless cups of tea that keep me going.

Go see Jesse’s shop, where there are more mugs for sale, as well as loads of other handmade goodness.

PS: Many thanks to Grace for putting my paper cuts on Design*Sponge on Friday. The reaction to these has convinced me (once again) that I need to focus more on my paper cuts, but in between all my illustration work, my shop/wholesaling/market stalls, managing the production line, not to speak of blogging twice daily, I never seem to get there. Any time management geniuses out there with any suggestions for me? (Saving time by cutting down my tea habit isn’t an option, btw)



  1. I have a sugar bowl and a vase in the same pattern as your little tea pot in the back! I bought them a couple of years ago in a second hand shop. They are in one one of the many boxes in my parents’ attic in Germany now, I’ll see if I can find them when I go home for Christmas and take a picture for you!

  2. What a nice photo of Jesse’s mug! I love all the colors and dishes in it.
    Love your paper cutouts! What an excellent idea, and what a bummer it didn’t get used (although, seeing it on D*Sponge is better!)
    I wish I had some good advice on time management… but I’m always running behind, and always am sidetracked by personal projects…
    come to think of it… I need advice too:)

  3. If you find the secret to having more time, please do share it with us!

    I love your new mug. And I love that you chose a mug made by your friend for your beloved tea sipping, when you have oodles of your own to use. Sweet.

  4. Helene, thanks for the tip about Su Blackwell. Her work is breathtaking (and makes me feel like a real novice!).

    Jesse, you’re welcome to use my photo if you like!

    Chrrrrristine, I love that set. It’s called Thomas, and is made by Villeroy and Bosch. Do send me a pic – I’ve never seen the vase in that pattern.

    Helen and Michelle, I’ll share any hot time-management tips that come my way. Jesse’s got it waxed at the moment, actually, with a strict timetable.

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