Cover collection
Since I spotted a couple in April, I’ve been adding to my collection of beautiful book covers. I’ve been meaning to post about them ages ago, but this image on Design*Sponge yesterday reminded me to get on with it.

Read this Design*Sponge interview to find out all about these book covers, designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith  for Penguin Classics. I think my books would be right at home amongst this beautiful work.


  1. So lovely! I especially love the images and the arrangement of the pattern repeat on your Lorna Doone. My mind is going a bit crazy now, thinking of all of the projects that could be made by scanning the patterns onto the computer. Hmmm…

  2. I'm so tempted whenever I see beautiful vintage books like yours to buy them just for the look of them, but sadly I have a tough enough time finding storage space for books that I intend to actually read! But some day I will own a home with an entire bookcase devoted entirely to pretty, entirely ornamental old books!

  3. This months Frankie magazine has an interview with her and pictures of those lovely books. I agree. They would be very much at home with your books, or mine….:)

  4. Hi HeatherHave you seen this website… everymanslibrarycollecting… I get lost in the beautiful designs there.Tam

  5. Those book covers are so delicious. I can't resist a beautiful book, especially a beautifully bound one. mmm.

  6. gorgeous they are! i often buy books for the covers and i rarely am disappointed by the content of such books. but they're of course not vintage and art of their very own like these ones. they would make a fine fine wall paper i think!

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