The lovechildren of Marimekko & Converse arrived in my studio this week, a few weeks after Citymob caused a rush of blood to the head, and they have finally got me around to photographing and listing a bunch of shoe bags online.


You’ll find the shoebags for sale in limited quantities here (and you’ll find my new Converses on my feet, 24/7).

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    • I got these on a Citymob special (it’s a website with shopping specials daily), but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere online. Google ‘Marimekko & converse” and see what you can find 🙂

  1. Are these all your shoes? Can’t quite see the silver slippers on you 😉
    And how do you keep the soles so clean?? All my shoes have definite footprints in them!
    Those sneakers tho! Since I’ve seen them in the flesh they haunt me…

    • I carefully selected my newest and least-worn (the silver slippers are not new, but are certainly seldom worn). The rest of my shoe collection would be good for a visual illustration of ‘down at heel’. x

    • Aren’t they lovely? I bought them at a Swedish goods store in Paris, but you can find similar on the internet. Swedish Hasbeens has a fab selection, but they are pretty pricey!

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