A Saturday morning spent prowling around the Sea Point CAFDA bagged me another beautiful book cover for my growing book cover collection… … and two others which, although not in the genre of my collection, couldn’t be resisted. I like it that they’re both ocean-related, and fit so well together stylistically. I’m often disappointed when books with beautiful covers don’t have illustrations that are in line with the cover artwork, but The Sunken City (published 1959) doesn’t disappoint. The illustrations by Canadian illustrator, Theo Dimson, are quite wonderful, and are given heaps of space on the pages too. I like… Continue reading

I stopped in at CAFDA yesterday and found an absolute feast of book covers to add to my fast-growing collection. These Penguin poetry book covers are just amazing… And even better from the back: I found lots of others too… …and then went mad with photographing ’em all. Ah, the treasures and simple pleasures a 10 minute visit to CAFDA and a R100 spend can bring.