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  • Skinny laMinx Trinity Scarf

    How team Skinny laMinx rocks a scarf

    Would you look at that? Our latest blockprinted scarf The Sampler scarf sold out in a flash! Don’t panic though… we still have a few of our Trinity and Weft scarves in stock. It’s always great to see our team dressed up in a Skinny scarf, and it’s not unusual that a bunch of us ends up as twins …

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  • Skinny Laminx Sampler Scarf Styled

    A scarf in the home is worth two on the neck

    We’ve been having fun with putting our giant blockprinted scarves to use… and not just as a scarf around necks and heads.

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  • Sampler

    The Sampler

    Our brand new block printed scarf is called The Sampler.

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