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  • Blue Tile

    I got the blues in Lisbon

    I’ve been in Lisbon for a week, first for a few days on my own, blissfully wandering the city, and then I’ve been teaching a 3 day course in pattern generation to a bunch of students on an Ace Camp. I simply can’t believe how many pictures I’ve taken while in this city of patterns, …

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  • Signal And Steel Swatches

    Colour Book: Signal & Steel

    For some reason (I’m completely to blame), there have been two big gaps in the Skinny laMinx colour range. The one gap will always remain, because it is purple and I am allergic to purple. The other gap is a bit mystifying, because it’s a blue gap, and I do rather like blue. But let’s …

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  • Sept Anenometer Lo Res

    Springtime light and shadows

    Spring is on its way in Cape Town and the new light and the shadows it makes is catching my eye.  

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