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  • Skinny laMinx Trinity Scarf

    How team Skinny laMinx rocks a scarf

    Would you look at that? Our latest blockprinted scarf The Sampler scarf sold out in a flash! Don’t panic though… we still have a few of our Trinity and Weft scarves in stock. It’s always great to see our team dressed up in a Skinny scarf, and it’s not unusual that a bunch of us ends up as twins …

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  • Skinny Laminx Sampler Scarf Styled

    A scarf in the home is worth two on the neck

    We’ve been having fun with putting our giant blockprinted scarves to use… and not just as a scarf around necks and heads.

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  • Weft Indigo Scarf

    What to do with your block printed scarf

    It’s suddenly chilly in Cape Town, so those limited edition block printed scarves of ours can move to the front of the closet, but they’ve got lots of other uses too, you know. Here are some ideas: Find our block printed scarves for sale in the Skinny laMinx shop at 201 Bree Street, and online too.

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  • Week New Scarves

    New in the shop: Block Printed scarves

    On my recent teaching trip to Jaipur with Ritchie Ace Camps, I had a couple of days off, and was pleased to put them to VERY good use, because after the success of our last crop of limited edition block printed scarves, I was excited to design some more. So now, just in the nick of …

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