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  • Paradise wallpaper

    So pleased to introduce you to our freshly-launched Paradise is Here wallpaper collection with Robin Sprong. I love it to bits! All my wallpaper designs are all printed onto a pre-gummed PVC-free wallpaper that is 100% recyclable, and printed with non-toxic latex inks. Robin Sprong will create and install made-to-order wallpaper that’s perfectly designed to fit your wall, so if …

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  • Skinny Laminx For Robin Sprong

    Made-to-order wallpaper – Skinny laMinx for Robin Sprong

    I’m so happy to finally announce the very exciting news we’ve been keeping under our hats for an absolute age: Wallpaper! Wallpaper has been on our to-do list for ages, and in fact, some of the Skinny laMinx designs started out as hand-cut wall stickers before ever appearing on fabrics (evidence right here). So it’s …

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