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  • Lisbon

    Lisbon Subway tiles: 3 of 4 – Linha Amarela

    This is part III of a post about to a self-guided tour of the Lisbon metro that I took in June 2016, hunting down metro stations with tiles by Maria Keil. Read more here. The YELLOW LINE on the Lisbon subway has tiles by Maria Keil at Picoas, Campo Pequino and Entre Campos. For more Lisbon Subway …

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  • Best Things: #IHaveThisThingWithTiles

    This year has been all about tiles, hasn’t it – with my Lisbon trip in June, and now our tile/textile collaboration with Heath Ceramics too. But it’s not only me. Check out  I Have This Thing With Tiles on Instagram, featuring an amazing array of floor-view selfies tagged #ihavethisthingwithtiles. Don’t you love it that the pics that include feet are called a …

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  • More Tile

    Just about all the tiles in Lisbon

    I took so many photos of tiles in Lisbon. SO MANY! I’ve already showed you some of my blue tiles, and I have a whole heap of subway tiles still to edit, but this post is just a mashup of all kinds of tiles, some handpainted, some press moulded, some unusual, some ugly, but most just …

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  • Blue Tile

    I got the blues in Lisbon

    I’ve been in Lisbon for a week, first for a few days on my own, blissfully wandering the city, and then I’ve been teaching a 3 day course in pattern generation to a bunch of students on an Ace Camp. I simply can’t believe how many pictures I’ve taken while in this city of patterns, …

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  • Casa Cubista Home Goods

    Best Things: Casa Cubista

    I’m starting to get very excited about my upcoming teaching trip to Lisbon with Ace Camps. It’s going to be an amazing exploration of tile, pattern and printing in a beautiful part of the world. Hope you’ve signed up? If you’ve been needing a nudge, I recommend a look at the Instagram feed of Portugal-based stylist, editor and …

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  • Gota Partida Multiple

    Best Things: Tile inspiration

    Ever since we started looking for tiles for our bathroom renovation, and came across these wild and trippy handpainted cement tiles at Moroccan Warehouse, I’ve found my head turning towards tiles quite compulsively. What I find so exciting about tile is the way that pattern gets built up so compellingly, and often in ways that surprise, …

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  • Book


    In June, my bloke showed three of his works at a big exhibition at the Gulbenkian Institute in Lisbon. He’s been working on a large tile project himself, for Spier Architectural Arts, and is  really into pattern (we make quite a team, don’t we?), so was naturally blown away by tile and pattern riches he …

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