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  • Koel Mag Macrame

    Making Friday: Macrame

    If you’ve been following blogs for a while, you must have come across Bloesem – the beautiful design blog which Irene Hoofs has been writing for the last 10 years (we both started blogging in 2006!). Over time, Irene has evolved Bloesem, rebranding as BloesemDesign, adding BloesemKids, and now she’s even started a magazine… on paper! It’s called Koel, and …

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  • Week Making Friday Purses

    How To: Make a half-and-half Purse

    Did you spot our super-cute Half&Half purses for sale in the new Making Friday section of the shop? They’re almost all gone, but don’t be sad, because you can make your own, and you won’t even have to figure it out for yourself, as we’ve made this nifty tutorial, especially for you! You’ll need two contrasting prints …

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  • Week Christmas Tree Napkin

    How to: Fold a Christmas tree napkin

    Wish you knew how to fold a napkin (or dozen)  into a forest of Christmas trees for your Holiday table? Follow our video tutorial below, made by the super clever Melissa!

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  • Old to New

    I LOVE seeing what people do with their Skinny laMinx fabrics, and it’s even better when they share how they did it, like this fab lampshade tutorial on Hung up on ZA.  

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  • Set

    Furoshiki wrapping tutorial

    Ever wanted to wrap your gifts in fabric, furoshiki-style, but ended up in a botched effort of flapping ends that looks like you dragged the gift through the laundry basket on the way to the tree? Well, those days are over, cos here’s a very simple step-by-step to help you wrap envelope-style, using our Rough Diamond print, in …

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  • Lo Res Step

    Furoshiki with a tea towel

    In yesterday’s post about multi-teatowel-tasking, I mentioned the idea of using a tea towel to wrap a gift, furoshiki-style, and here are DIY step-by-step instructions letting you know exactly how to do it (using, in this case, the When Everyone Came To Tea tea towel in rosebud): Step 1: With the print facing down, fold the …

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  • Light Dot

    Making Friday: Light dots

    Sometimes, when you’re at your desk, pen poised, but not sure what you want to do, you’ve just got to use what you’ve got. On Friday, what I had was a scattering of of light coming through the blinds onto my drawing pad. It’s all about making a start, and it may not result in …

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  • Knots & knitted brows

    The fingers were knotting and the brows were knitting at the Modern Macrame Workshop in my studio on Saturday, where seven gals threw themselves into learning all I had to teach them in the knots department, keeping their strength up with cups of tea and yummy treats. It was fun! I’d be happy to teach …

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  • Modern Macrame

    To tell the truth, I’m not sure quite how cool it really is to knot rope, hippie style, but I can tell you it’s a lot of fun. I’m holding a workshop in my studio, limited to 7 people, where I’ll teach the following macramé basics: How to make a very simple, super-easy plant hanger …

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