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  • Halfsquare Karen

    Making Friday: Half Square update

    A while back, I blogged about a very exciting project I am working on with Spier Architectural Arts, and now it’s all gathering momentum, for the big Reveal on 8 May. I spent my Making Friday working on my giant tiled panel, and while I took lots of pics, I can’t show the full design …

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  • Spier Architectural Arts

    Spier Architectural Arts

    I stepped into a very exciting world yesterday, when I paid a visit to the Spier Architectual Arts building on Commercial Street in the city. It’s a lovely old building, but there’s little to make you guess at the large-scale vision and projects being tackled, the skills being grown, and the sheer busy-ness going on …

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  • Monocle Logo

    WDC2014: Monocle Magazine

    January started off with a big thrill for us, when the team from Monocle Magazine‘s film section came to the Skinny laMinx shop, and included us in this great clip about Cape Town and what is happening with World Design Capital 2014 in our city. If you’ve been wondering what #WDC2014 is all about, here’s …

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  • Yellow Dot Sale

    First Thursdays and yellow dots

    Last week we put a big yellow dot on the front of our shop at 201 Bree Street, in an attempt to infect the city with enthusiasm for World Design Capital dottiness. Now we want to spread yellow dot fever even more! If you’re in Cape Town and don’t have a yellow dot in your life yet, …

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  • Yellow Dot Timeline

    WDC2014: A big yellow DOT

    A week or so ago, I wrote a blog post that summarised the way we’d started thinking about Cape Town as World Design Capital 2014. In a nutshell, our WDC2014 manifesto of OWN IT, PAINT IT, WORK IT simply means that we need to take this year-long event by the horns ourselves. And that’s exactly …

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  • Own It Paint It Work Itblog

    WDC2014: Own It, Paint it, Work it

    I’m sure you know that Cape Town is has been named as World Design Capital in 2014. Hooray! All year long, there will be official projects and seminars and whatnot going on in the city (read about them here), and although Skinny laMinx isn’t involved in any of the official WDC2014 projects, we still want …

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  • Take Care Outfit

    Cross Pollination: Take Care

    2014 is the year that Cape Town has been named World Design Capital (did you see all the yellow in my shop window this month?). I’m hoping it will be a year where Cape Town’s design community comes together to support and encourage one another, while the Design world is focussed on our city. At Skinny laMinx, …

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  • Window

    WDC2014 shop window

    All week I’ve had pots of yellow paint out and yellow brushes drying, as I prepped for my brand new shop window, and today I put all the bits together. The yellow circle, of course, is to celebrate that Cape Town is this year’s World Design Capital. Looking forward to seeing what the year 2014 …

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