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  • Own It Paint It Work Itblog

    WDC2014: Own It, Paint it, Work it

    I’m sure you know that Cape Town is has been named as World Design Capital in 2014. Hooray! All year long, there will be official projects and seminars and whatnot going on in the city (read about them here), and although Skinny laMinx isn’t involved in any of the official WDC2014 projects, we still want …

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  • Window

    WDC2014 shop window

    All week I’ve had pots of yellow paint out and yellow brushes drying, as I prepped for my brand new shop window, and today I put all the bits together. The yellow circle, of course, is to celebrate that Cape Town is this year’s World Design Capital. Looking forward to seeing what the year 2014 …

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  • Yellow Books

    Inspiration: Yellow jackets

    I was in Sea Point yesterday, killing some time before yoga, and popped into the CAFDA bookshop, where I spotted this entire shelf of yellow-jacketed books. I can’t believe I hesitated for even a moment, before I bought the whole lot for the shop. Colour blocking here we come! I must say, I was intrigued by the sheer …

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