More cutting
I think I’ll turn the long ones into screenprints on paper. The other one was made to go on a pillowcase, I think. Lots to do!


  1. oh these look so beautiful just hanging there…i would just keep them like that! talking of cutting, you might be interested in this article about rob ryan:

    and p.s. you definitely make my day…thanks for the mention!

  2. oh my gosh, that is lovely! it would make an incredible installation somewhere :)… like my house 😉 Tee Hee.

  3. These are really beautiful and so carefully done. I think they will make gorgeous screenprints.

  4. Oooohhhh, I’m such a fan of your cuttings. These would make such lovely detail on pillows (and other things, like sheets). But making prints sounds best of all… Your 2008 seems to be going really well in terms of business, it’s lovely to see that there is some creative time too – and with such beautiful results.
    Any more magnets planned, by the way?

  5. Thanks for all your nice comments, everyone, and for the great Rob Ryan article, Francesca.

    The Sloth: I really should make some more magnets, but I’m enjoying cutting paper so much because I can go nice and fine, that whenever I have some studio time, that’s what I end up cutting! Must do magnets tho’ – will add to my List.

  6. Hi. I found your blog through a link and enjoy popping in from time to time. These paper cuts are AMAZING! Can I ask, are they stencils? I think they are beautiful in their own right and stnding alone would be fantastic in a window or something. Maybe you do that already, I just had to comment because I was blown away!

  7. Hi Karen
    Thanks for your nice words. I really must decide what to do with these things, but in the meantime, am loving making them.

    They’re not stencils, just cutouts from drawings. I documented the process of making one today, and will post the shots later in the week.


  8. this is my first visit to your blog – i just had to say these are gorgeous – i love love love paper cuttings and have only just started thinking about doing some myself – i look forward to seeing how you do it, and only hope someday to create something half as gorgeous as you have!

  9. Oh my goodness, they’re so intricate and lovely! I love seeing the “in progress” shots before they reach their final application too!

  10. I found your site from a little hut. I love your cuttings, it makes me want to try it myself. Thanks so much for the inspiration

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