Jesse’s Coffee

Last week ended on a high note with Jesse’s launch of her graphic novel, I Don’t Like Chocolate, and look what I got my hands on: Mmmm – “Coffee”.

I’m the lucky bum who has the original exquisite ink drawing, but you can buy a print of the same from Jesse’s prints shop on Etsy. Go quickly! It’s a limited edition!

PS: Thanks to everyone for all the great comments on my papercuts. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response! I’ll keep you posted about what I end up doing with them, but for now, I’m just enjoying making things for absolutely no reason!


  1. Making things for no reason… what bliss! I’ve been embroiled in discussions about pricing and reasons all day (I feel a ranting post coming on….) and can’t think of anything better than making things for no reason. I hope you get to do a lot of it! The results are reason enough, right now; the flowers you’re making are so beautiful.

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