You may remember that I made some paper cuts of protea flowers in February? Well, I’ve turned them into surface decals, and they’re available for sale from brand new online shop, Parklife.
This one’s called Rocket, and I’ve stuck one on our studio door. It’s available in red, olive, white and black vinyl.
This one is Pincushion, also available in black, red, olive and white vinyl.

And this one is called Sticky, stuck on my studio wall. That comes in olive, red, white and black.

PS: Thanks, Di, for the tip about a gelato shop in Siena. I’ve pencilled it into my diary, right between a bike ride and a nap!


  1. these are so very cool!
    [i want about 10 white ones to decorate my daughter’s lime green wall!]

  2. Love the pincushion cut-out – and then HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And have a fabulous trip!!! I envy you… ; )

  3. Oh they are lovely! I’m always so impressed with paper cutting. How can you make those tiny detailed cuts? When I have to cut out something small and detailed, I immediately (and by accident) cut everything to pieces…

  4. Love them. I learned of protea while living in Hawaii many long years ago. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Heather! What a perfect application for your inexplicably amazing paper cuttings! They’re fantastic! Congrats!

  6. We have a lovely white pincushion one on our sand-blasted front door – thanks Heather, they’re so beautiful!

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