Keeping good company
So, madame, which will it be? The LAVA bag by Skinny laMinx for a mere $21, or perhaps the Pottery bag by Stig Lindberg for only $132?

Must point out that it wasn’t my idea to see some echos of Mr Lindberg’s iconic design in my LAVA print ( but many thanks for that, Alexandra. Most flattering!). I just want to know this: does the Pottery bag also come with a little clip for your keys?

Well, LAVA bags do. So.

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  1. Ooh, love the shoes that are just visible in that pic. Think I had my eye on the exact same style, but they didn’t have my size! Seriously jealous.

  2. Ha! It’s funny when this happens. I prefer the monochrome of yours, myself. And the key clip? Very clever!

  3. Adele, those shoes are the bomb! They’re Green Cross, of all things, with a little heel (unheard of for me) and make me feel like a lady for a change! I saw they had them in red on the posters, but sadly these never seemed to make it into the shops.

  4. jeeeees

    but those swedish designish printed textiles are soooooo expensive..and things made of them even more..
    i’ll start to cry with bloody tears once in those shops…

    p.s. greetings from Stockholm šŸ™‚

  5. I’ve always loved that Stig Lindberg pattern (not sure if I like it in that bag form)… but your pottery bag takes the cake! I’d go with yours even if the price was even steven:)

  6. I would go straight to yours in a heart beat šŸ™‚

    I love other pattern as well but yours is so very refreshing!

    Money clips are incredibly important especially when I am toting around all of my little gals things.

  7. I lava it, too. The Lindberg pattern is horrid as a bag, better as a bedspread maybe…not a bag. I would definitely go with yours. With all the craziness going on in your country right now (politically), not that we don’t have the same problem, I hope everything is going well.

  8. found you thru knack studios….loved your towels there! now i love the bag too!

  9. ahh – I never answered this!!! The pottery bag comes with key holder, mobile phone pocket, allet pocket…

    a bit late, but anyhow.

    Merry Christmas!

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