I bought Paul a present last week – this silk Ikat cushion from Turkey (actually, I got it in Rondebosch, just 15 minutes away!). It looks like my photo is out of focus, but it’s not – that’s just what Ikat weaving does to your eyes, and one of the reasons that hippies like it so much.

I’ve never quite understood how Ikat weaving works, so did a bit of Googling around it and found out lots, but I’m too lazy (or over-deadlined) to explain, so if you’re interested, here are some links to follow:

* Here’s the Wikipedia entry
* And a YouTube video that shows you the most complicated Ikat weaving from Japan – Ikat Kurume-Kasuri
* There’s also African Ikat style
* And I found some nice-looking Ikat style clothing too!

Gosh, I think that putting in all those links took almost as long as explaining! Back to deadlines now…


  1. Fascinating. Now, I want to see the looming in action as the pattern emerges.

  2. Wow! I love the colors. So vibrant. Off to click the links….

  3. I’m a textile artist in the Los Angeles area of California. I can’t tell you how much trouble these ikats are to make. I’m waiting patiently for the trend to end. Love your blog.

  4. That made me laugh, Anonymous! Hope something easy comes into fashion soon, for your sake.

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