Finally: Sevilla Rock yardage
Endless statements of intention to put my upholstery-weight Sevilla Rock prints into my Etsy shop have finally been put into action. It’s there and it’s for sale!

Everything in the shop is now arranged according to colour rather than product, so have a look through the blues, reds, yellas, greys, neutrals and greens, and I hope you find something you like!
First five buyers will get a nice little Sevilla Rock scrap pack in a nice little Sevilla Rock bag.

Happy weekend, everyone!

PS: Many, many thanks to Michelle and to Jan for their expert assistance and advice to this newby in the brand new world of yardage. You guys rock. You even Sevilla Rock!


  1. Congrats!
    I love them all! The dye process did turn out great (according to the end product). It resembles, in textural appearance, some of my favourite vintage fabric finds.

  2. It all looks fantastic, you must be so pleased, I particularly like the ‘Mongoose in Khaki’ good luck with your sales.

  3. Beautiful fabric! I love that is upholstery weight. Would look fabulous as a chair slip cover. congrats, Karin

  4. lovely to see this in a full on fabric!
    wow shebang exciting šŸ™‚

  5. I’m sure this will be flying off the shelves!!! Congratulations!

    PS: You’re very welcome! Anytime!

  6. I just love Elaine Prunty’s mosiacs
    An idea for canvas embroidery!


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