Alert: My head’s grown so big I can hardly reach over my own shoulder to pat myself on the back.
So there it is: my Borrowed Spoons tea towel in the New York Times magazine, coyly nestling up with tea towels by Lucienne Day and Marimekko. Who knew that tea towels could be made to look like supermodels on a glamour shoot?

So now my goods have reached such heights of fame, maybe it’s time to pack it all in, rest on my laurels… you know? Although, now that I think of it, perhaps I should see a Skinny laMinx teatowel flapping on a flagpole on Mars before I take early retirement. Right, so who do I call?

Thanks, Leanne, for letting me know about this! I might be spinning a nice line in detatched self-deprecation here, but back at the ranch, I’m thrilled to bits, believe me.


  1. you're taking over the world….one tea towel at a time 😉
    congratulations – that is really really cool.

  2. Oh wow! you must be so pleased and it more than hold its own amongst those other beauties, well done you!

  3. Oh wow! you must be so pleased and it more than hold its own amongst those other beauties, well done you!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! whooohooo!!!
    Don't rest until it's a flag in every kitchen!:)

  5. way to go! congrats!

    at least i'll be reminded of home when i'm in the US and i flip open a mag :)

    fantastic! truly inspirational :)

  6. You're all so sweet – thanks SO MUCH for all the comments and congrats. xx

  7. I feel like patting my own back too – for being so discerning as to buy your teatowels BEFORE you were famous!
    Seriously, well done!

  8. congratulations!

    i went up to finch in austin, tx last weekend and enjoyed seeing your tea towels in the shop. i nearly cried aloud, "hey i know who made this!" hehe, even though we don't really know each other, it made me feel kind of cool :)

  9. Congratulations – that is fantastic!! (But before you set your sights on Mars, I believe the next step is the front cover of Time magazine?)

  10. Wow. That's huge! Great company too :-) It will have to be Mars now to top it.

  11. lol! and wow! and just relax! i'll pat you on the shoulder :) that is so amazing.

  12. I feel very tickled to have ordered that tea towel *before* I saw this! I feel so ahead of the curve :)

    Congratulations – again!!

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