You DID say “key cosy”!
How very odd, but actually rather sweet. These mad little pastel key cosies from Bettysonics made me laff, and completely put me off posting what I intended to post, which was something along the lines of I Have A New Tea Towel To Sell, so that’ll just have to wait for Monday.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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  1. how weird and funny! can't wait to see you new teatowel!! have a fab weekend!

  2. lol!!! How cute!! I love these! :)

  3. They need goggly eyes…. and then, they could rob banks togeter with their tiny ski masks:)

  4. I can see why you were so distracted! these are fantastic and fascinating. love them-great find!

  5. ahh makes me feel warm! so nice to visit here again SkinnyLaMinx, all these amazing things 🙂

  6. those are very cute… I guess my keys do feel cold in the winter! Love your work by the way 🙂

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