Stash cabinet
My collection of vintage fabrics has been languishing in a box for years, but my recent aquisition of two glass-fronted cabinets (from Wendren, via Beatnik), mean I can gaze upon them to my heart’s content. Yum.

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  1. My vintage stash is tooooo precious to print on. I can barely even cut into it to make a cushion cover!

  2. hee! i have similar things and never manage to use them for anything in case it's not 'the perfect thing'!

  3. Hey, that's cruel! Now I'm jealous. Could you send all those blue fabrics immediately 🙂

  4. Putting a fabric stash on display is a very good idea! At least that way it provides a visual feast, even if it never turns into anything concrete!

  5. I want that cabinet too! I'm using an Ivar shelf from Ikea at the moment, and it just isn't ideal for those precious fabrics.

  6. I would say I'm a little jealous, but that would be a lie. I'm majorly jealous!! What a nice collection! And, the clear glass doors are an excellent way to store them. I would waste too much time just looking at them everyday, though! hehe

  7. It's amazing how the materials simple inspire…so glad you can gaze at them now!

  8. What a great collection! I've also got loads of fabrics sitting unused but not nearly as fabulous as yours!

  9. SO NICE! A hoarder after my own heart. Can I put them in a pile and roll around in them? (Then I will carefully refold them, of course.)

  10. Nice stash. I would be afraid to change it, too. (sort of like what I have yet to do to the yardage I purchased from you — I will figure it out someday soon)

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