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This is the Best Book Ever! I borrowed this copy from my friendly lasercutter, but the minute I’ve finished posting this, I’m off to buy my own. Actually, I can’t wait. Hang on a sec…

…Right, that’s ordered and on its way to my postbox.

It’s been brilliant for filling my head with new ideas for 3D paper design and pop-ups – somehow the very dry diagrams have caused loads of new possibilities to spring to mind. I used this diagram to make myself a bunch of display stands for my new decals, and saw an immediate rise in my market sales.

Et, voila!

And yes, I did say “new decals”. The product shots aren’t done yet, but Molly‘s kicking my arse this week, so I’ll have them up in my shop soon, possibly with other news of special offers, combo specials and other things!

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  1. Its amazing what a difference display makes. Since I built the ladder with 'drawers' for my Coffee Clutches there sales tripled. P.S. That books looks amazing!!!

  2. oh my goodness, you have saved my life! (well, that's a little dramatic…) but i've got a sales table in december and i wasn't sure how to display stuff, this is BRILLIANT! thanks missis! (off to ikea on wednesday, so you need anything? 😉

  3. ahhh, downside to changing my blog about – it's lu summers, must change my 'hello!' back to my name, harhar

  4. I'm having heart palpitations! I neeeeed that book, even though I used to suck so hard at packaging at college, maybe this will help me.Beautiful decals too!

  5. I would love to have some of those decals, but I am sure they will be sold out immediately… Thanks for sharing the pattern for a display stand!

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