Ok, all you fabric buffs out there, let’s play Guess the Era. When do you reckon the fabric for this tablecloth was made?

Were you fooled like me? When I unwrapped this beautiful piece of screenprinted linen, I was convinced it was from the 50s, or maybe the 70s, but vintage without a doubt, but I was wrong as can be.

Turns out it’s from the brand new collection from the marvellous local fabric house,  Lula Fabrics, and is available in a whole bunch of colourways. Sometimes it’s nice not to be a know-it-all.

So, tablecloth by Lula, given to me by Gabby, who did the painting above the table, and enjoyed with Paul who made the yummy peach salad and cous cous pictured, and who ate the bananas afterwards.


  1. Beautiful!
    It reminds me, the ones that were in my parents photos of the 60s and 70s. It is a time that is coming back.

  2. heather, these are devine fabrics….thanks for the link..and happy new year..before it is no longer new!

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