Quite a long time ago I made a massive patched curtain for Julie, and the bug really bit me then. I don’t get much time to patch, but it’s one of my favourite things, and I hope I can do lots more this year.

I listed (and sold) a little patched wallet on Monday, and today I’ve got a table runner that I pieced together from my Orla print offcuts. It’s always amazing to me how much fabric you can make up pretty quickly from the tiniest of scraps. It’s also a very pleasing exercise in composition.

The runner is available in my Etsy shop now. My table isn’t long enough to show off the length, but it’s long! Over 2 metres long, and that’s 84″. Hope it finds a good home.

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  1. Hi Heather
    Just noticed I have the same tea cup set…Mid Winter…I bought the set at a Charity shop in the Autumn and they look fabulous with my cushion covers you recently sent. I basically redsigned the whole space around those two things – the tea set and your cushions!

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