It’s probably not the most sensible time to be soul-searching, while I’m still trying to get my life back post-Indaba Expo madness, but I’m really starting to get pretty tired of feeling like I never stop chasing my tail, and in particular, that I never get to sit and work in my studio any more (packing boxes doesn’t count).

I spent all day yesterday at a strategy meeting for Elle Decoration magazine, and attended rather reluctantly as I resented being diverted from the pile of tasks (posting, wholesale orders, emailing, ordering, chasing, promoting) that is always tottering scarily by my side, getting taller every minute. But I did go, and jeez, I’d forgotten how nice it is to sit and do just ONE THING in a day. I focussed, and I concentrated, and I even spend some time doodling.

Doodling! I’d forgotten the pleasures – indulged over the years of University education – of connecting the hand to the loosened brain, and seeing what flows. They’re hardly works of genius, but seeing all the stuff I came up with on my notepad (in between serious discussions, teeny weeny cupcakes and far too much coffee) sparked so many ideas for designs, and it made me realise that I never get to sit down and play any more.

My doodles made me think that I need to do a serious audit and find ways to stop haring around, multi tasking my life away, so that I can actually go to my studio and work. Dammit, I started doing all this because I like making things, not because I like packing boxes, chasing suppliers and driving the city flat in a baking hot car!

As a start, I think it’s time to reinstall my old practise of Fridays being my Making Day, with no deadlines, particular aims or intentions. I think the doodles would approve.

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    • Want to join the Making Friday movement? Let’s all ditch Friday as a “work” day, and spend it filling up on the kind of work that doesn’t feel like work. Then we blog about it (just to make sure we’re doing it for a good reason!)

      • Is it odd that I have to call this “a challenge”? I feel rather stick-in-the-mud about perceiving it as such. It’s such a simple, pure idea: make something. But I have internal/personal hurdles to not doing what I think I should be doing (ie working). It’s going to take a lot of work to get me out of my groove.

        But I’ll take you up on this challenge! Actually, I like challenges… and I like you and your thinking… plus, I’m not getting paid enough to work on Fridays, so I’ll do my best to join in on the fun.

        • Excellent! And, truth be told, here I am on Thursday evening recalling all the “really have to” errands that I must squeeze in before Making Day can begin. I can see some internal/personal hurdles of my own. But with a fellow challenger (of your esteemed calibre) by my virtual side, let’s let that fun begin. Yay!

  1. Your ‘making day’ was an inspiration to me when you started it. It was sort of the impetus for starting my ‘random things listed’ posts b/c it gives me permission to create something or destash something as a means to putting something new in my shop. It’s a good feeling – and it’ really got my brain/hands running to put ideas into action! Now I might have too many things started…

    Get back to making day – it’ll give you energy for all other management-y stuff!!

    • You’re so right! And having that day at the end of the week is very encouraging when all the other management stuff gets too wearying.

      So pleased my Making Day got you inspired, but I have to laff at your comment that you got over-inspired, and now you’ve started too many things! Waiter, could I have another life on the side please? xx

  2. I love this idea! How boring am I? I recently declared Fridays as my bookkeeping/organizing day, blech! I like the making idea better. πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll switch days…

    • I do Mondays as Admin Day (it is a dreary way to start the week, but at least I don’t have to rush out of the house first thing, and then it’s out of the way too), and ideally, Friday is my Making Day. I reckon it’s nice to have it at the end so you’ve got something to look forward to… unless you like doing bookkeeping, of course πŸ™‚

  3. Making day is a great invention of yours, probably I should try and have one too, I think having a making day is like stopping time and having an extra moment for the things you really want to do but keep postponing…..! So… back to making day! Love your bird in the animal doodles, it would make a wonderful teatowel! πŸ™‚ And all the other doodles are great too!

  4. Hi! It’s such a juggle isn’t it? Just got back from day with my boxes when I really should have been in the studio! Loving those animals especially mr duck.

  5. it’s good to remind yourself of why you do what you do – it’s so hard the other stuff and how sometimes it overpower our days.

    looking forward to the return of your making fridays – I wish I was brave enough to declare one day free from all those pressures xx.

    • Gosh, Arounna, you seem to accomplish so much alongside immense creative output. You’re pretty astonishing – but imagine what astonishingness a whole dedicated day might unleash. Is the world ready for it?

  6. Yep, sounds like a plan. Fridays are great days to kind of do your own thing – weekends always make the creativity flow. Love the doodles – think you need a doodled teatowel.

  7. As I was reading down your post, the thought that kept entering my mind was: ‘what happened to making friday?’ And then you mentioned it at the end!

    As I saw another person mention, it was an inspiring part of your blog. I loved waiting for the posts to come about what you did/made.

    I have no legitimate excuse for my toppling pile of tasks but I can say with confidence that even as an unemployed person, the tasks never go away and even someone with seemingly an “open” schedule can forget to make time for the creative endeavors that really are the heart of who we are. I too am trying now to set aside time to create once a week. Hopefully I will organize myself well enough to be creative more than once. But, I’ll take that once a week gratefully.

  8. Lovely doodles. And I agree – you can spend a shocking amount of time putting your creative life aside in favour of meeting just this paying-job deadline, finishing off that bunch of admin, etc., and then you wake up in December wondering where on earth the year went. Good luck with future Making Days!

    • Thanks for the good luck wishes! Thursday’s closing down and I must admit to feeling a bit nervous about having declared tomorrow making day once again, and I’m starting to justify throwing in an errand or two, here and there. πŸ™‚

  9. You go Heather! In the episodes of your Friday making-days you showed such creativity in the cutting, it is worth it!
    Don’t you really enjoy the feeling of being creative without a purpose but just because you have these great ideas..?! What will you be making this Friday?

    • You know what’s so nice about Making Fridays? It’s doing something where you don’t have to think about the practical side of things, like how to reproduce, ship, market, store. Thanks so much for all the encouragement!

  10. Perhaps you should hire a student, or a friend, or etc., πŸ™‚ to package your items one day week…? Maybe there is an assistant out there for you.
    I love the last photo. The doodles are awesome.

  11. I hate doodling myself – all I seem to come up with are boxes which I then colour in. But I love making and would love to set aside Friday as a Making Day, but for the fact that my 2 year old would get quite neglected. : ) Oh well, a few years and I’ll be able to set aside some time when she starts school. Hopefully! And then I might also be able to do the etching course that I’ve always wanted to do – yay!

    • Hope those long-term plans pan out – who knows, coloured-in boxes might take on a whole different look if you etch them. xx

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  13. I sooooo have to make Fridays my make days! Love the idea. I was making it my ‘clean house day’ how lame. You’ve changed my mind in a heart beat. I can’t wait to see what you do with all this.

    • Yay! i can see a little Making Fridays movement starting here. Sadly, my renewed attempts were not impressive (see today’s post), but I’m looking forward to next week. Really, it does make the rest of the week’s madness a little more bearable. Have a lovely weekend, xx

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