I’ve been doing the Neighbourgoods Market ever since it began in the first What if the World studio/gallery in Hope Street, and then also at the Biscuit Mill where it started out with Jesse and me running Handmade Now! (pic of our stand below)

It’s always been a pleasure to do, but lately, with my trip to NYC impending, and my work life barrelling along at a relentless pace, I find myself dreading the weeks where I have to add an extra day of work onto my already over-busy week, and also all the preparation that goes into a market day. So yesterday I squeezed my eyes tight, bit the bullet, and…  I quit the Neighbourgoods Market.

It’s sad, as I really have enjoyed running my market stand, even on the windy and rainy winter days, and it was so great seeing the response to my things. I also got to meet heaps of amazing people. But enuff is enuff, and I feel so relieved at the idea of having my weekends back.

I’m planning on doing more studio-based open days and sale days instead (one coming up in early April), so keep an eye out for those, and let me know if you’d like to be on my mailing list.


  1. I totally understand (and I think it’s an excellent decision for you), but now I’m very keen to be on your open studio mailing list!

    • Thanks Michelle! Great to hear from you, and I’m adding you to my mailing list toot sweet! xx

  2. I haven’t been to the market, as I lived in JHB.
    I hoped to visit the stall sometime in the future.
    How about getting someone to run it for you? Or is that a no-no?

    Anyway, good luck on this new journey 🙂

    • Getting someone to run it for me is a great idea, but I have to say that when I’ve tried it in the past, the money made is not worth the fact that I still have to cart everything there, and pick it up at the end of the day. Might as well do it myself and make more dosh while I’m at it!
      Thanks for the good luck wishes, and sorry we won’t get to meet at my market stall. The market’s got loads of other amazing things to offer though!

  3. Oh no! Such sad news. I remember your store being on of the highlights when the Mill opened! Best of luck though with your plans for the future. I hope your open days will conincide with one of my future trips to Cape Town!! Otherwise there is always Etsy!

    • Aw, you’re so sweet. I do wish I could still do it, but the dread is too much. You’re welcome to visit my studio too, you know. I have a very nice little showroom, and tea on offer too. xx

  4. Ah, that must have been a tough decision. It sounds like you have some wonderful memories from the market though. Finding the balance is always such a toughie but if you feel relieved, it sounds like you definitely made a good choice there:) Well done. And NYC??!!! Ah my word. It is my DREAM to go there! Have a wonderful, wonderful time and take lots of pics for us. x

  5. Hi Skinny[thats what i call you]
    I was in Cape Town for the first time in over 2 years for the Indaba.
    I was sad not to see your stuff at the market – could not find your stands.
    Love you stuff tho ,keep up the good work.

    • Aw, sorry man. It would have been totally impossible for me to have been there that weekend, as I was showing at the Expo, but it would have been nice to meet you! Have a lovely weekend, xx

  6. i was also sad when i had to stop trading at the market but it seriously is a hands on DIY event so if you’re looking for more time, that’s the place to trim! ANyway it’s served you very well and that was the whole point – a platform from which to do a triple somersault! 10 out of 10 well done. ANd now you actually get to go to the market for fun 🙂

  7. Aah, man – that’s like the end of an era. Love the Penguins – I’ve always had a weakness for them.

  8. love love love your work, think you are making the right decision, time for bigger things, think with more time & energy you are going to fly from strength to strength….hope your blog keeps going, love it.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Had SUCH a great weekend, I have absolutely no regrets. xx

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