After cycling a bit in New York, I’ve felt quite downhearted about just how tiny the bicycle culture is in South Africa. But I just heard something that’s given me a lot of hope for what’s possible back home: Avid cyclists and excellent photographers Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler are travelling all over South Africa, finding cyclists to photograph and interview for their Bicycle Portraits project.

Stan and Nic are wanting to turn their portraits into a full colour book, so while they’re collecting the images and interviews – largely from the saddles of their own bikes – they’re also raising money to make the book (mock-up below) a reality.

Watch the video (complete with Papa Was a Rolling Stone in Zulu), and then go donate some money. They’re accepting anything from $1 upwards.

I love the spirit of this project, the stories they’ve collected so far (to read the stories, click on each portrait on the site), and the photos are just beautiful too. As far as I can see, this project isn’t just about bicycles and people, but also about the diversity of South African life and what is possible for us.


  1. What a great project. Love the photo of the lady in a dress – not sure I would like to ride a bicycle in a dress – I would be scared of getting it caught in the chain!

  2. These are the same guys who did African Salad, isn’t it? That’s one of my favourite books, a real treasure. I would love to add this one to my library.

    • Yes, that’s right! I love the way they just go out and make these things happen. Very inspiring stuff. xx

  3. I’m not a cyclist, but even so, this looks like a wonderful project!

    Thanks for all your NY stories, I’m enjoying them : )

  4. Oh, this is just so amazing! Such great idea! Here in Sofia there’s a very very small biking community. I’d love to ride a bike around town, but it’s pretty scary, since there’s no infrastructure for cyclists and most of the time you have to ride on the street… I hope that can change!

  5. Pleasure meeting up with you guys in ny! Dinner was great, i love that kind of creative energy all mixed up together. Enjoy the rest of your time there and kisses to CT when you get back. keep in touch. XOSC

    • It was fantastic to meet you! I should have been a good blogger and documented it with a photo (I know this will all feel like a dream soon, and I’ll need hard evidence), but it was a wonderful experience that I will remember, photo or not. xx

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