We got home last Tuesday, and after zombie-ing around for a day, followed by a solid night’s sleep and an excellent breakfast at Jardine, we were all recovered and ready for real life once again. Cape Town is looking a treat in the wintertime sunshine. Just look at this city of ours:

World Cup fever has been ramped up since we left in the middle of April, and it’s really exciting to see all the SA flags flapping from cars and buildings. Even the occasional blast of a vuvuzela in the street has provided a rush of excitment (rapidly wearing thin on that front, I must add). All the infrastructure is in place, and I’m so immensely proud of the beautiful Green Point Stadium and surrounds. Check out this elegant pedestrian underpass on the way to the stadium.

So, to sum up, I’m happy to be back, because ( in the words of local designer Heath Nash):

But New York won’t be forgotten soon, so little niece Izzy gets  to have the last word on the topic:


  1. trips are a wonderful way to energize and inspire, but nothing beats home.
    glad you had a great trip.

    • Thanks, Arounna. It’s nice to be home (even though it’s freezing today). xx

  2. world cup fever has revved up here too – and i’m actually really excited this time. maybe it’s because the boys (well, frank) are/is old enough to understand what’s going on…and this year, i’m actually excited to watch the other teams play, not just england which is a first.
    and i know just exactly what you mean when coming home after a trip away – although we were only in spain for a week, it was lovely to get back with fresh eyes – seeing what’s grown in the garden (our herbs and frank’s veg patch!) the colours of the blossom. ahhhh, there’s a reason why the phrase ‘there’s no place like home’ rings so true!
    blimey – i’ve just written *reams* and no sarcasm/rudeness in sight. a first.

  3. And how much do you love that GIANT vuvuzela on the unfinished flyover? That’ll be fun when it starts honking away straight into the studio :)
    Welcome home!

    • It’s not really gonna honk… is it? Lordy, where’s that plane back to NYC. xx

  4. welcome back!

    i havent caught the world cup fever and vuvuzelas..dont start me on that! but i agree it is beautiful here (except when it poors ;))

  5. I am so homesick for Cape Town now, you have no idea. I know I will by crying my eyes out on Friday watching the World Cup opening ceremony on the British “telly”. Hope you enjoy the great atmosphere over there.

    • Aww, poor you. Just remember that it’s cold and rainy here in Cape Town, and maybe you’ll feel a bit better. xx

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