I love it that these pics are just as I took them at Milnerton Market last Sunday morning. Not a Photoshopped tweak or a lift was necessary – the clear winter light and my nifty camera did it all.


  1. Just show’s I’ve no relocation on price changes / values in RSA since we left over 32 yrs ago – 5 rand for a cup of tea or coffee – I dread to think what a box of Chicklets costs now 😉
    Great simple illustrations on the pot – can we see them appearing in some of you designs soon?

    • Hmm, it depends on the cup of coffee. I find myself spending R15- R18 these days, but not at Milnerton Market, that’s for sure! xx

  2. Hi Heather ~ I’m sure you know how much I envy you that orange mushroom pot! Margaret

    • Nice to hear from you. I must tell you that I take my camera to the market specifically to avoid buying gorgeous orange mushroom-decorated pots (etc). It’s self defense! I didn’t buy it, but am pleased to have the pic. xx

      • Well, I’m even more impressed by your iron will. I really need to try that trick! xxM

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