After all my colour talk lately I couldn’t NOT do it: I saw this lovely Etsy treasury by EuphorbiaDesigns the other day and pondered the right name for the colour I was seeing, and then I saw it: it’s Verdigris.

Literally, it’s ‘green-grey’ and physically, it’s the name for the tarnish you get on oxidising copper. Beautiful. I couldn’t do nothing with this realisation, so I’ve decided to rename the Cloud Birds colourway previously known as ”seafoam’ , now dubbed ‘verdigris’.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks so very much to all the amazing Etsy folks who have been including my things in treasuries lately. It’s been an absolute avalanche, and I feel very lucky to have my shop catching your eyes so much. xx

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  1. LOVE the colour by whatever name! ‘Verdigris’ does sound a little like a funky disease though šŸ™‚

  2. I’d call that “Eau De Nil”… Laura Ashley use it a lot… which might explain why my house is full of it!… and my wardrobe come to think of it! I love it because although it’s a blue/green/grey colour which you might naturally assume to be a masculine tone, there’s something incredible delicate and feminine about it too.. .tres eligant!

    • Oh yes, ‘eau de nil’ is lovely too (although I can’t help thinking that the water of the Nile is likely to be a lot more brownish than this is!). Thanks for the reminder. xx

  3. calm and fresh… no matter what the name:)
    I’d like a dress in verdigris… with large white polka dots… just for walking slowly along the sea shore:)

  4. This is the colour of my wedding! Haven’t known what to call it either… I kept saying it was the colour of lavender leaves, but that’s not quite right.
    I don’t looove verdigris, but I do love seafoam, think I’ll stick with that šŸ™‚

    • Lovely choice for a wedding. Another name for the colour is ‘silver sage’. xx

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