I’m seriously regretting having put up that tea towel teaser on my blog last week. It was my typical style of rushing at things in the hopes that they’ll rush back at me joyfully, but this really was a bit mistimed, not to mention misjudged. I mean, I have three new tea towel designs in two colours each, as well as revised versions of Eep! and Borrowed Spoons, and how I thought I’d photograph all ten of these in my spare time (ha!), I can’t imagine.

Actually, the funny thing is, I did shoot them in a flash, but then was so unhappy with my shots that I asked my friend and serious foodie, Nikki Werner, for some styling advice. Nikki is the complete opposite of me. First, she can cook. Second, she considers things from all angles and plans exquisitely before launching into things. She’s also very generous with her time, so while her schedule this week was massively full, she insisted on finding a couple of free minutes to come to my studio and to help me think through how to style my shots. AND she brought a crate of most exquisite props, and cookies too!

So, while I’ve been feeling excruciatingly self-conscious this week about having left last week’s ‘teaser’ hanging with no follow-up, I feel that, having spent so much more time and thought on my product shots this time round, I have learned a great deal: First, I realised that one should plan the launch of a new range better, particularly if one’s time is somewhat stretched already. And secondly, I learned that styling a shot should not be a rushed job. On the contrary, the process should be savoured and enjoyed, especially (if possible) in the company of friends like Nikki.

But just to show I didn’t learn too much, how about ending this week with another couple of teasers!

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  1. Aaaaah… no regrets necessary! These teasers are tantalizing:) I’m acting on an impulse more than half the time… and I think it makes life ‘funner’.
    Love the new cups and leaves designs! You are a queen of one colour pattern & I have much to learn!
    Looking forward to styled pics. It’s hard to plan ahead when spare time is like an elusive white elf…:)

    • An ‘elusive white elf’? I think I may have peculiar dreams tonight, thanks to that little phrase of yours. šŸ™‚

      And thanks for the reassurances. Can’t see myself not acting on impulse any time soon. Hope you won’t either. xx

  2. Hi There
    I have seen you fabric online and am particularly interested in getting some yardage of the fabric used for the beautiful Duikers Smock Dress for 2-3 year old – aloe red.

    Hope you can help me out!

    Perth, Australia

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