Today’s was a scattered kind of Making Friday, what with hanging about at Deluxe Coffeeworks too long after the Critical Mass ride in the morning, straining my ears and brain on a conference call for my other job, paying accounts, writing stern letters and visiting the Post Office. And when I finally sat down to Make this Friday, my sewing machine packed in. Frick.

So, to suit a shredded, shardy day, I decided to get out my ceramics transfers and to make another version of my favourite studio mug.

I think I managed a reasonable facsimile (below), but I still like the first one best.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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    • I really must make more mugs! They’re so much fun to do, and they deliver a great cuppa too. Have a great weekend, xx

  1. i am so excited actually. i have been checking out Design Sponge for ages now, and clicked through on one of their links – and up POPS a South African designer.. just down the road in Cape Town. [far too cool]

    I think your designs are awesome. šŸ™‚ And did I mention how excited I am that you’re South African. *yeah* šŸ™‚

    ps: the sneaky heard mugs in the background look fab!

    • Well, great to hear from you! Thanks for your enthusiastic comment, and also for your post on the blog. Are you also in Cape Town? If so, be sure to come to my Open Studio on Saturday 13 November. xx

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