Michelle of Cloud9 is so awesome, I wouldn’t be surprised if she could fly, and maybe she can. It certainly looks like she and her cute sneakers took flight on this piece of fabric from my Cut Out & Keep collection. There’s so much going on over at Cloud9, where pre-0rders for the collection are being taken already, so hop over to the Cloud9 blog to keep up to date.

PS: If you’re in Philadelphia, visit Michelle and Gina at Spool this Saturday, where they’ll be sneak-peeking the Cut Out & Keep collection. Wish I had a pair of winged sneakers and could fly over there too.


  1. i actually decided to get into the business of selling organic fabric because of your line, heather!! thank you (and cloud9) so much for this! it’s going to be wonderful!! i’ve already placed my pre-order!!


    • Hooray! That is so excited. Wish you EVERY good thing in this new venture, Julie! xx

  2. Those sneakers are too cute! I wonder if I can find them in the states?!?!
    I was on etsy and the front page had an item by TheLightGarden and perusing her blog I found yours! I’m enjoying it!

    • Thanks so much for visiting! Those sneakers belong to someone who lives in the States, and I think she said they were Keens, so I’m sure you can find yourself a pair too :)

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