Me and my body double have been doing some modelling for my new Flatware waist aprons.

Thing is, when you take your own product shots, there’s lots of rushing from behind the camera to the front, and you need to make sure that the camera focusses on where you’ll be in the pic. Of course, this is impossible, as you’re behind the camera when you push the button. Unless, of course, you have a body double in the form of a spindly wooden chair. Jeez, the lengths one goes to in order to sell an apron, eh?

Which brings me to the fact that Flatware aprons now available in Liquorice, Wasabi and Sage in my Etsy shop, and in my South African online shop too (with a promotional shipping special of R10 for this month only!) Hurry, hurry, while stocks last.


  1. Hhahahaa I know exactly how you feel. I recently tried to take a head shot of myself for my blog, and wondered why the photos were all out of focus when I had already focused them. Slowly figured it out, and then had to focus on the hanging light fixture above where my head was going to be, and then run into the picture. Definitely need to look into getting a remote!!

    • It’s my new linen smock dress, bought at a funny little Korean shop. I could wear it like a uniform, every day! Have a great weekend, xx

  2. lovely new aprons heather
    I love the names you’ve chosen
    I find taking photos on your own is so hard
    I am thinking of getting a remote for my camera
    I think you did a nice job

    • Thanks, Arounna. The only thing with a remote is how do you hide it in your hand? Maybe there are wireless remotes out there. That sounds like a great idea. x

  3. hahaha!
    It is hard to take photos of oneself…you did it great…
    The aprons are beautiful, love thems…pity to use them and make them dirty.
    And yes, lately there is few people leaving coments…I can see you are recovering.

  4. I adore these aprons but can I be an annoying reader/shopper and ask if you’ll do them in full aprons? I am so mucky when I cook, containing it to my lower half (where admittedly I do repeatedly wipe my hands) won’t happen. I ALWAYS manage to spill on my shirt too! Some times I even wear an apron when eating, I know, I’m that clumsy!

    • I think the world is divided into full apron and half apron people. I do have some full aprons, but not in this design. Really MUST get them into the shop some time… šŸ™‚

  5. I absolutely love this design – if I ever need one will you be my body double too? I’m a disastrous version of myself.

  6. Ah that’s so funny, I know exactly what you mean as I had to do the same for my studio shots…I was worn out with the back and forwards of it all…..but then you do get the final say and have complete control!! And in a way it’s far less embarrassing! My camera’s got a face focus thing and i had it on continuous shoot for about 5 shots. Lots of clicks, lots of ‘in the bin’ but got there in the end. Super apron, would make a nice skirt too. x

    • Ah, using the face focus on continuous is ingenious! I’ll give it a bash next time, thanks. xx

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