Yesterday I declared today would be Making Day, as I was fed up with sitting behind my computer all day, which I seem to do a lot now. Nonetheless, I found myself sitting at the computer this morning indulging my most favourite online addiction: Pinterest. In self defense, I grabbed a stack of cards and my pens and watercolours, and drew what I was seeing on my screen boards, creating a real-life Pinterest board in my studio.

Lord knows there’s ENDLESS gorgeous stuff to keep pinning onto my Pinterest boards, and actually, it was really good to stop and instead to look properly at the things I’d already collected together on my boards.

So, all in all, a good making day was had, hooray! Anyone else have a Making Day today?

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  1. I absolutely love what you did here! It is all too easy to become so engrossed in the design inspiration on the internet, we tend to forget we can create it ourself! Thank you for reminding me to go CREATE!

  2. I love what you did during your making day! You are so talented, I am afraid my pics would be of stick figures 🙂
    Yesterday I did have a making day too, I made 2 bocks from my central park quilt, 1 FW QAL block and 5 yoyo’s. Plus I blogged and went to a LQS for some fun.

  3. your “pins” are so lovely 🙂

    i had a productive making day, i crocheted a pair of handwarmers for a friend.

  4. Oh how lovely! I realized recently that I haven’t changed anything on my real life inspiration board in a long time, and this is a lovely reminder to get rolling!

  5. Love that our boots made the cut!
    And yes, a good reminder to actually do something with the inspiration, and to go back and look at our boards instead of just adding to them.
    Ah it is fun tho!

  6. Beautiful! And almost weird. In fact… I discovered your Pinterest *yesterday* and squealed, as I generally do when I discover that a blogger with exquisite taste has an account (oh that Haruki Murakami cover by illustrator Zara Picken in one of your boards):). But later in the day, I tried to make an updated list of all the ideas I want to work on (like in “making something”), and thought I should draw them to train using watercolor. The coincidence would be even more beautiful if I had actually done what I said I would ;).

  7. You really got those creative juices flowing – and happily – it spilled over for me to touch and receive. thanks.

  8. Ha! I do that too!! It really helps me focus when I sit down and draw the items I’ve seen & love… something about internalising their style & shape that help me get on with creating my own designs.
    Love your watercolours though… very handsome 🙂

    • It’s true, it really does help you see them properly, instead of just a quick flash of pleasure. Thanks so much for popping in and for your kind words.

  9. Inspiring how you made your pinning tangible. What a great reminder about the importance of creating things — with our hands!

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