The title of this blog post looks like Dr Seuss doing a free association exercise, I know, but read a bit more, and it’ll make sense:

On Monday, when I delivered my Eep! sofa (part of my new furniture range and available to order in any of my fabrics) to a beautiful, light-filled photographic studio for a magazine shoot, the photographer was a bit late. So, of course I Carped the Diem, whipping out my camera and maneuvering a ladder to act as a makeshift tripod, nabbing me a spot of free studio time and some lovely product shots. Hee!


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  1. see, now i was slightly disappointed in the story (which isn’t your fault), but more because i read it as “NAP snuck” and i thought it was going to be about a nice little nap on your fabulous sofa. now i could really get into that.

    your story is much better, by the way.


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