First stop on our 3 week trip to the US (starting on Wednesday) is New York City. Woo hoo! So excited to return there after the six amazing weeks we spent there last May, on Paul’s Ampersand Fellowship. Now we’re returning for something even more exciting – Paul’s debut US show at RH Gallery, opening on 13 September. Click here for all the details.

Other than Paul’s show, I’m really looking forward to seeing the fab gals from Cloud9 Fabrics again, delivering my screenprint to The Working Proof (more on that later), and, of course, shopping up a blimmin storm!

More about legs 2 and 3 of our US trip coming up soon…

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  1. Wow… so today you are in NY! Nice! Wishing I was there too. Hope you are having grand time!!!
    Good luck to Paul!
    aaah, the May before last was fantastic:)

  2. Hi Heather – we went to NYC in July and spent an afternoon at the Moma where we saw Paul’s amazing linocut. I was so excited when we walked into the room because I’d seen it on your blog. It made the world feel so much smaller & intimate. Enjoy your trip!!

    • Wow, that’s fantastic! That show came down just before we arrived in NYC, so we didn’t get to see it, sadly enough. Thanks so much for letting me know!

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