Maybe I shouldn’t point it out, as I don’t know if anyone’s actually noticed, but so far every single one of my fabrics so far has been printed in just a single colour. However, that’s all changed now, with my brand new design called Flower Fields.

It’s got two (count them, TWO!) colours in each print. It’s a breakthrough moment! We’re all turning cartwheels at Skinny laMinx!

Flower Fields in (L-R): Goldenrod, Penny Black, Rosy

The inspiration for Flower Fields came from a vintage fabric cushion we’ve had at home for years. My design started out as a paper cutout of the same kind of flower shape (see below), which I made ages ago just for fun. Earlier this year, I turned it into a repeat, but never got around to putting it on fabric because I simply couldn’t decide which colours it should be printed in. It was only when I decided to use two colours that suddenly everything fell into place.

Now Flower Fields is available for sale online as cushions (here in US$, and here in ZAR)…

… and Flower Fields is also available in upholstery lengths. I covered our Ercol daybed at home in the Penny Black colourway, and it looks so fab! Email me for fabric orders and queries.


  1. I love it Heather, still on the look out for a bargain Ercol daybed myself and when it does come along I’ll definitely be getting some skiny laminx cushions to match.

  2. Beautiful, and the colors are great. Congrats on your accomplishment of the two color printing! I love seeing a glimpse of your process.

  3. Great work Heather (as usual)! And thanks for sharing the process/inspiration. I always like to see how a design comes to life!

  4. I love this one!
    p.s. I had a photo shoot this week for a magazine and I made sure one of your pillows was on our armchair – I hope it got in the shot.

  5. Just absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on branching out, I’d say it was a complete success!

  6. You’ve been buuuuusy! Wow… so much newness! Needless to say, I love all of it! Love the flowers and the mushrooms (from newsletter)… You are a machine girl! How did you keep so many secrets for so long:)

  7. Heather, the flower fields print is simply gorgeous! I’ve been visiting your blog for some time and it’s just beautiful and inspiring.

  8. Oh goodness. I do rather wonder if the divine Penny Black may be the solution to William’s woes. (You know William, fraying madly.) Must show C soonest.

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